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No.1 - 30th April / 1st May

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Match Reports


Summer Ball & Buffet - Friday July 8th
A great fun night out for all !

Richmond Hill Hotel 7.00 - 1.00 a.m.
Live Band
Sensational Raffle Prizes to be announced.
Numbers are limited so book early to avoid disappointment !

Contact Nick Fox for full Details

Teams for Sat 30th April and Sun 1st May

If you are available - CALL ON !!! We are not Psychic !

Sat 1st/2nd  XI Sat 3rd XI * Change Sat 4th XI   Sun 2nd XI Sun 3rd XI
Practice Match Chiswick & Latymer Chiswick & Latymer   North Croydon Spencer
Home Away Home   Home Away
Start: 13:00 Start: 14:00 Start:14:00   Start: 14:00 Start: 14:00
Meet: 12:00 Meet: 12:30 Meet: 1:00   Meet: 13:00 Meet: 12:30




Tim Johnson
Chad Doyle
Paul Pieterse
Nico Pieterse
Mark Collin
Will Moore
Sean Travers
Rich Curtis
Jason Mirtschin
S Prenderghast
James Garrard
Rogan Flitton
Tref Vandoros
Cezar Redeker
Nick Lo
Nick DalbyWelsh
Adam Sand
Irfan Ahmed
Andy Dixon
Chris Harding
Saad Malik
Pete Tyson *
Dave Oakley
Nick Fox
Hugh Moreton
Seb Phillips
Trevor Evans
Azeem Ashraf
Johan Marias
Paddy Devlin
Sean Venter
Derek Oliver
Mike O'Brien
Dave Gibson
Matt Irvine
Dev Aychara
Gerry Jordan
Essam Ali
Mark Kayser
Garfield F
Mark Baxter
James Rothwell
Graham Rock
  Trevor Evans
Anthony Southam
Logan Roe
Pat Wilkins +
Dinesh Sen.
Mohsin Bajawa
Raheel Rauf
Kamran Jamal
Matt Calvert
Garfield F
Essam Ali *



T.Richards *
Steve Cviic
W Tolmie
R Imber
C Shingler
Matt Hopkins
Dale De Ruig
MD Reza
Alain Erasmus
Ryan McNeil
P-J Phillips


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Match Reports

Saturday 3rd XI vs Sunbury 2nd XI (Away)

Sunbury 2nds 146 for 9 dec 44.3 overs - OWCC 3rds 149 for 4 in 34.1 overs
OWCC win by 6 wickets

Having only secured the fixture late on Friday afternoon against what had been described as a strong Sunbury 2nd X1 it was with some trepidation that Pete Tyson took his side containing 5 debutants done to play on the top square at Sunbury. A chat with the oppos captain did nothing to quell his fears as he to stated that they were strong and felt if best that Sunbury should bat first to ensure that the game lasted. After looking around and seeing some of the oppo in their Middlesex Colts jumpers and a crowd gathering as other matches were called off Tyson felt he had no option and duly asked Sunbury to bat first. Some 30 minutes later and at 14 for 4 the crowd had gone silent and Sunburys captain gazed at the carnage with a look of acute embarrassment. The new opening attack of Sean Venter ( and Eddie Kirby ( began the rot, Sean clean bowled the first then Eddie had the next couple caught at first slip and point. Sunburys young up and coming super star then got himself run out by 22 yards. Dave Oakley and Johan Marias then took over. They couldn’t get Dave off the square and once Johan had warmed up he proved difficult to play and collect 2 more wickets. Jack Mayhew then completely flummoxed the batsmen with a mixture of beamers, legs side balls and then the odd straight and full delivery to end up with 2 for 15 from 4. There was then a period of consolidation from Sunbury as Tyson swapped the bowlers around before he felt that he to could enter the fray as the rabbits were by then at the crease. The innings was declared on 146 after Johan took a steep ling catch from the No 9 leaving a crater where he landed. It was time for tea, the OWCC table was bussing but there was a deadly silence coming from Sunbury. Andy Dixon (14) and Hugh Moreton (26) got OWCC off to a solid start reaching 41 before Andy was bowled round his legs. Desilva (24) battled against the dibbly dobbly Sunbury bowler before holing out but not before he had smashed a 6 out of the ground. Jack Mayhew was next up and middled everything straight at the Sunbury fielders before being caught by a blinder without troubling the scorers. Then in went Irfan Ahmed (67no) Irfan obviously had somewhere to go on Saturday night as he proceeded to smash the ball all over the park helping himself to 4 sixes and 5 fours. What was also good to see was that when the field went back he was happy to play the ball on the floor and take the easy single on offer. The old war horse Dave Oakley out there at the end (12no) to see us home with 10 overs to spare. It had proved to be a great day all round. Everybody had played a part, Trevor Evans kept well, 5 good catches were taken by 5 different people, the fielding was good for April and the sprit was excellent. If we continue in this form we stand a good chance on being near the top come September. It would also appear that we have secured the fixture for next year as I think Sunbury will be out for revenge…


Sunday 1st XI  vs Indian Gymkhana (Away)

OWCC  107 all out - Indian Gymkhana 108-9  
OWCC lost by 1 wicket

Due to logistical problems, the ow's arrived half an hour late for their opening match of the season, with four players being squeezed in the back of Eddie Bells car. A 35 over affair was agreed with the old boys losing the toss and sent in to bat on a minefield. None of the top six really settled with balls of the same length shooting along the ground and the next one flying past your chest. The scoring rate was slow 50-4 after 21 overs, eventually posting 107oa in 32 overs. Notable Contributions were from Pat Wilkins (23), Dave Murray (11) and some lusty blows and the end from new boy Kamran Jamal. In the field OW's started waywardly. Neither Essam (2-0-9-0) nor Garfield (7-2-25-0) managing to find their radar. At this point the oppo were cruising and the match looked like finishing inside 20 overs Enter new boy number two, Jermaine (7-0-24-3) bowling and excellent spell of line and length letting the pitch do all the work for him. When skipper Anthony introduced Leggie Kamran Jamal,(6-2-18-4) the match really turned around as runs dried up dramatically and the oppo found themselves needing 20 to win with 3 wickets in hand. This became 8 to win with one wicket to go as Kamrans variations were too good for the oppo bats. With 3 needed from the final wicket, the oppo number 10 drilled the ball to long off, were it was dropped by the writer (Essam), cancelling out an excellent catch that he took a few overs before and ending OW's chances of a remarkable victory

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