Sinnott Talks

The Sinnott Society is an homage to the former College Headmaster Fr John Sinnott.

It meets twice a year and is addressed by Old Wimbledonians with something interesting to say.

These have included a Cabinet Minister, a Principal Private Secretary, a War correspondent, two writers and three CEOs.

Location has varied from the Jesuit Headquarters at Farm Street to The HQS Wellington and other locations in the city of London.

All Old Wimbledonians are welcome and wives/partners are occasionally invited.

For many years the Sinnott group of old boys has met twice a year to meet and listen to an OW who has something interesting to say. There is a Mass, a finger buffet and then the talk. When at the School there is a tour of the premises available.

The Sinnott met in November 2017 at the Jesuit HQ in Farm Street W1 to hear Dennis Hill on the authenticity of the Turin Shroud. Then in March this year, at Edge Hill, Fr Michael Holman talked about the Jesuits and the current Pope. Ken Peacock chaired the meetings which comprised about 40 persons. Some Sixth Formers, the current Headmaster and Chairman of the Board of School Governors attended at least one.

Ken Peacock has written a note about the future of Sinnott meetings and consultations are taking place. The Sinnott has a great history of excellent speakers and presentations from Lawmakers to Sportsmen and Businessmen. They have provided interesting events that are appropriate to the thousands of Old Wimbledonians; new and old.

Past Meetings

March 2015

Colonel Ken Peacock MBE "the last war of the Empire"

November 2014

Antony Hudson "The Challenges of Headship in a Catholic School"

March 2014

Pat Ward, Head of Corporate Technology EMEA. JP Morgan Chase