AGM 2019

Tuesday 11 June 2019 - 7 pm at the Clubhouse

The Old Wimbledonians Association

Old Wimbledonians Sports Ground, 143 Coombe Lane, London, SW20 0QX Telephone: 020 8879 0700

Old Wimbledonians Association Committee

Your attendance is requested at the Annual General Meeting of the OWA to be held as follows:

Date Thursday 11 June 2019

Time 19:00

Place Old Wimbledonians Clubhouse


      1. Opening Remarks and Apologies for absence.
      2. Adoption of 2018 AGM Minutes.
      3. Chairman’s Report.
      4. Treasurer’s Report.
      5. Adoption of 2018 Annual Accounts.
      6. House Report.
      7. Grounds Report.
      8. Membership Report.
      9. Reports from affiliated sections and organisations:
        • Rugby
        • Cricket
        • Football
        • Donhead
        • Wimbledon College
        • Sinnott Society
        • Lourdes Hospitalité
      10. Election of Officers.
      11. Any other business.

Please send your apologies to by 4 pm 11 June 2019.


Members may be either Ordinary Members being former pupils of either Wimbledon College or Donhead or Associate Members being persons generally interested in the activities of the Association - Articles 5 to 8.


Every member shall have one vote - Article 37.

The Committee has decided that voting at the 2019 AGM shall be open to those Ordinary and Associate members whose subscriptions have been paid as at 31st December 2018.

In the case of those members whose subscription to the Association is paid through OWRFC, OWFC or OWCC, voting will be open to those whose names have been notified by the appropriate sports club to the Secretary by no later than 10th June 2019 as having paid the most recently-due subscription as part of the block payment paid by that sports club to the Association.

Where the junior section membership fee includes membership of the appropriate Sports section for the parents, then there will be one parent vote per family.

Any query about a member's entitlement to vote should be sent to the Secretary.


This is permitted pursuant to Articles 42 to 45.

Article 41 provides:

  • Votes may be given on a poll either personally or by proxy. On a show of hands a member present only by proxy shall not have a vote. A proxy must be a member.
  • The instrument appointing a proxy must be in writing. A prescribed form is set out at Article 45, alternatively an adapted form is attached to this note by which a member may if he so chooses appoint the Acting Chairman as his proxy and may direct his proxy how to vote on matters where a proxy vote is permitted. In the absence of such directions, the proxy shall be at liberty to exercise his proxy vote at his sole and unfettered discretion.
  • Proxies, duly signed, must be sent to the Secretary. Delivery by emailing a scanned copy (to will be accepted, but the original may be required and should if possible be lodged at the AGM. Proxies must be received by no later than 7 pm on Sunday 9th June 2019, 48 hours prior to the AGM as provided by Article 43. Any proxy received later than this shall not be valid.

AGM 2018 Minutes (Draft)

OWA Committee Meeting Minutes AGM 7 June 2018.pdf

Chairman's Report

OW chairman

Treasurer's Report

Please note that the Draft Accounts will be available in hard copy at the AGM.

OWA AGM 2019 Treasurers Report.pdf

House & Grounds Report

House & Ground Report for AGM 11Jun19-converted.pdf

Membership Report

OWA AGM 2019 Membership Report.pdf

Cricket Club Report

OWCC Report for OWA AGM 11 June 2019.pdf

Football Club Report

OWA football club report.pdf

Rugby Club Report

OWA AGM 2019 OWRFC Report.pdf

Lourdes Hospitalite Report

Also see Lourdes Hospitalite for the latest newsletter.

Lourdes Hospitalite Minutes 2019 AGM

Scholarship Fund Report

Coming soon

Sinnott Society Report

OWA AGM 2019 Sinnott Society Report.pdf

Donhead Report

OWA AGM 2019 Donhead.pdf

Wimbledon College Report

Coming soon