As this is the first year where people are signing up to the OWA directly rather than via a sporting section, players and parents who are renewing will need to do the membership form. 

You should receive information from your sporting section about this and please see the FAQ below for more details.


To become a member you must fill out the application form on this page and then pay your annual subscription. 

Once that is done you are free to enjoy all the benefits of membership listed below.

Benefits of Membership 

Membership Annual Costs

The cost of annual membership to the OWA is just £20.

If you are an ex pupil of Donhead or the College then your membership is free up to your 25th birthday.

For further information please see the FAQ below or contact the Membership Secretary.

To apply for membership, please fill out the online form:

OWA Membership Frequently Asked Questions

OK, I have signed up, what then?

Sections will have been informed that you are now a valid OWA member and eligible to sign up for any section. Please make sure you have a note of your membership number when signing up for a section so they can double check your membership is valid.

What happens if I don’t sign up?

In principle, your sporting section should not accept your application to join or play for any of their teams until you are a OWA member.

While we imagine in this first year of implementation, there may be exceptions to the rule as we get used to the new system, each section’s membership secretary has committed in principle to not fielding players who have failed to sign up to the OWA.

Will I have to do this again each year I renew?

You will only have to complete the online form with your personal details once unless any of your personal details change, such as your address.

If there are no changes by the anniversary of your renewal date, then you will just pay the fee as directed by an email that will be automatically generated and sent to you.

Once paid your membership will continue for another year.

What about Student members?

Student membership is open to any ex pupil of Donhead or Wimbledon College until their 25th birthday.

Student members still need to complete the online form so they can be added to the Members Register but they will not pay an annual fee. 

On your 25th birthday we very much hope you will want to continue on in the Association and we will send you an invoice for your first annual subscription for full membership.

What if I play more than one sport at the OWA?

Your OWA membership is independent of the number of sports you sign up for at the OWA. 

You can sign up for as many sections as you want as long as you are an up to date OWA member.

What about Bursaries and other concessions?

If you or your child is the beneficiary of a bursary or other concession, please contact your section to tell them that you are about to sign up online.

It is likely that when you receive your invoice, you will send it to the relevant administrator in your sports section who will arrange to have it paid. However please do check with them beforehand to make sure your bursary or concession covers the OWA fee.

What if I have more than one child playing sport or my child plays more than one sport?

The number of children you sign up for juniors as no bearing on your OWA membership. One you are an OWA member you can sign as many children as you want for any of the junior sections. 

What about my spouse or partner?

Your OWA membership is for you only. 

Your partner or spouse are welcome to use the bar and facilities as your guest but they will need to sign up for their own OWA membership if they wish to have full access in their own right.