We are an Old Boys Association originally created by former pupils of our Alma Mater - Wimbledon College.

Wimbledon College was formed by the Jesuits in January 1892 and the Old Wimbledonian Association subsequently came into being from 1905.

 On September 25th 1933, the structure of Wimbledon College fundamentally changed as the younger classes crossed the road, literally, to establish Wimbledon College Preparatory School in a building called Donhead Lodge (thus "Donhead"). Hence Old Wimbledonians are former pupils of either Wimbledon College or Donhead and often both.

Today we are an open club and membership is open to all, especially the sports clubs and our neighbours in Wimbledon.

The Association Committee 

 President Vacant

 Chairman Michael-Jon Andrews

Secretary Andrew Wijayasinghe

Treasurer Sam Shethran

Representative of Wimbledon College  Vacant

Representative of Donhead Vacant

Chairman of OWCC Nick Fox 

Chairman of OWFC Julian Agostini

Chairman of OWRFC Matt Bell

Ordinary Member - Membership Ross Paton

Ordinary Member Ashley Lipke

Ordinary Member Tim Sealy-Fisher

Ordinary Member Phil Topley