The OWA Archive Project

The OWA Archive Project

Throughout the long history of the OWs there have been many interesting, amusing, stirring and historic events that someone somewhere has captured on film. There are innumerable team photos, action shots, re-unions and all sorts.

We'd like to start a proper collection of OW memorabilia including, for example old sports club circulars/newletters. If there's any old 8 or 16 mm movie film out there we'd love to capture that too.

If you have old pictures or documents that you can scan and send to us we'd be really grateful. If you don't have the facilities we can help. Similarly we have ways of converting old style film stock or video tape to digital video.

When sending pictures, if you can put names to faces and details of the event so much the better. And of course we hope that from the growing audience of OWs visiting the site someone will recognise that face in the middle of the second row.

And of course current and recent pictures will form the future past so please send in pictures etc. of any recent events.

So get searching and send your memories in. Here are a few to get you started.

Thanks to Steve Reynolds - fourth from right, front row.

The Chelsea Supporters Club Hut at Chessington