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Join the OWRFC 30-Day Fitness Challenge

On behalf of the rugby club, we're excited to announce that personal trainer and OWRFC First XV player Joe McEachron has put together an awesome 30-day fitness challenge to help everyone keep fit through lockdown, and win prizes doing it!

It will be starting this Monday, January 18, over on the OWRFC's Instagram:

This is open to anyone and everyone looking to use their time in lockdown to get more active over the next few weeks. They'll be hosting the challenge by posting a new exercise/activity for you every day for 30 days, suitable for all ages and abilities.

Joe is a qualified PT and strength and conditioning coach, with a background in football and rugby, and experience training clients for a wide range of goals. He’s excited to help our OWs members keep their fitness levels up and get moving during lockdown.

This interactive 30-day programme has a holistic approach to ensure everyone stays healthy and enjoys the challenge!

Head over to the OWRFC Instagram for full details, and make sure to follow them and Joe to keep up with the challenge:

The top entries will win a personal training package worth over £500 at the end of the 30 days, along with some other prizes to be announced throughout.

Big thanks to Joe for taking the time and effort to put all this in place for us.

Please do get involved, spread the word, encourage your friends and family to take part, and send in your progress. Good luck!

Supporting frontline staff at Kingston Hospital ICU and COVID Wards: volunteers and donations needed

Given the latest surge in the new strain of coronavirus that is rampaging through our community, we hope that you and your family safe and well.

While we hope that you can shield yourself and your loved ones by locking down, we know that is not an option for some in our community, not least our brave and dedicated NHS staff.

Through our connections with the medical profession that were built up during our involvement in the previous, and truly inspirational, Project Doing a Bit last spring, we understand that the ICU and COVID wards are being overwhelmed.

Doctors and nurses are reporting back to us that it is much worse that it was in April and that they are working double shifts and days off to cope with the demand.

Consequently, the OWA committee is unanimous in its determination to do something to help and show our support and gratitude and we know that you will want to help too in whatever way you can.

What are we going to do?

In consultation with Kingston Hospital, Critical NHS, Dons Local Action and other partners, we want to kick start a new initiative to help Kingston Hospital staff by providing meals to its overworked staff.

We have been asked to provide 460 meals per week, which we will gladly do, but we can only do it with your help.

Our aim is to provide meals for the next 7/8 weeks.

What do we need?

We should be enormously grateful for both your spare time and a donation, however small.

The costs will be approximately £500 per week, but we only have 4 weeks worth of funds. We are therefore looking to raise at least a further £2,000.

In addition to funding, the initiative will require volunteers to prepare, pack and label food.

We will set up a rota which will run between 9:30 am and midday, 5 days of the week.

We would like to have 2 volunteers for each day of production and those days are:

  • Monday

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

  • Friday

  • Sunday

You will be able to sign up to volunteer online (see below for more details).

The first day of operations is hoped to be this Wednesday 13 January 2021.

We would also be very interested to hear from anyone who could provide us with a regular supply of meat (fresh or frozen); chicken, beef, mince etc., ideally for free, but at an attractive reduced price, if not. Please email if you can help in this regard.

Covid-Secure Environment

All volunteers must be acutely aware that there will be a rigorous safety and cleaning regime in place to protect you, staff and other volunteers.

We will provide you with PPE but feel free to provide your own mask.

Shielding and/or need a cooked meal?

If you are shielding and cannot get to the shops and/or find cooking difficult during lockdown, please contact us to see if we can provide you with a freshly cooked meal for a nominal donation. Please email with regard to this.

Thank you

It is humbling to serve an organisation whose members’ instincts are to help others during tough times, as you all did so magnificently during the first lockdown.

Therefore, in anticipation of you rising to the challenge once more, we thank you most sincerely and in advance for all your help and support.

Best regards,

The OWA Committee

To Donate

Please transfer funds to our bank account (or buy a Pizza - see below), the details of which are below:

Bank Name: Santander

Account Name: Old Wimbledonians Association (The)

Account Number: 70958260

Sort code: 09-01-28

Please add the reference “Kingston Meals” to your payment details.

You will be aware of our famous TakeOWAy Friday night Pizza extravaganza which we run each week (for further details see the TakeOWAy page).

The OWA will be donating 50p from every pizza purchased to the fund.

To Volunteer

You can sign up to fill one or more volunteer slots using the online sign-up page.

Please contact Tim ( if you have any technical issues in signing up.

Once you get involved, you may be asked to be added to a WhatsApp group to update you on activities and requirements.

David Mildner RIP

We have received the sad news that another great Old Wimbledonian, David Mildner, has passed away recently in the USA.

Although a long term resident in the states, David stayed close to the College and he generously funded the annual Mildner Scholarship for College boys wanting to read a scientific subject at Oxford or Cambridge.

His classmate Gavin Taylor has sent the following detailed obituary which gives a great summary of David's life and achievements, and shows how much he was admired and respected by his contemporaries from the Class of '55.

David Mildner, hailed globally as “Neutron Scattering’s 1st Rock Star” at NCNR - the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Center for Neutron Research - has died in Maryland aged 76 years.

David was brought up in Wimbledon and educated by the Jesuits at Donhead School and then at Wimbledon College, a prominent member of the “Class of ‘55” (not the US version with Elvis Presley and other ordinary world rockstars!); he eventually became a very popular and effective Head Boy in 1961, in a then rapidly changing social and academic world. Wimbledon was not then noted for emphasis on or excellence in the sciences, but, independent as always, David won a scholarship to Worcester College, Oxford, to read Physics in 1963, graduating well in 1966.

His family had emigrated to America during the Wimbledon College years, and David joined them after Oxford, in his own words “barely knowing his younger siblings”. This was the time of the draft for the Vietnam War, for which David was eligible, but fortunately (despite some rarely-mentioned-now commune lifestyle and mass D.C. protest marches) he escaped and subsequently entered graduate school at Ann Arbor, Michigan, working on such would-be Rock Star toys as nuclear research reactors, neutron and proton recoil generators and even a time-of-flight diffractometer. From 1973 -1977, back temporarily in England, he joined the Science Research Council at the Rutherford Laboratory, worked at Harwell, and contributed considerably to the design of the ISIS neutron source.

Disappointed that so little changed despite Britain’s joining of the (then) European Community, while he had changed so much, David returned to the USA, becoming associate Professor of Physics at the University of Missouri, teaching and continuing his researches, and also able to visit (professionally) atomic research sites in France and England.

For all his life the most “British” of characters, he was nevertheless obliged to become a US citizen in 1989 to be able to join NIST in Maryland, specialising (he once explained) on the characterisation and development of focusing concepts for cold neutrons, more latterly using capillary optics. He has been able to spread this gospel in France, Russia, the UK, Greece, Portugal, and India often as an International Atomic Energy Agency expert, as well as working on US Department of Energy review committees - it was just as well he loved travelling so much.

He kept playing and then refereeing rugby throughout all these years, formerly a referee in the Oxfordshire Society, and now in the Potomac Society, an activity which in the US involved long-distance, even inter-state, travel for any game, and consequently a very understanding domestic partner. David found this in his second wife, Maryanne, a NIST co-worker whom he proudly described as an an artist, a former hippie who went to Woodstock, but whom he had somehow failed to meet during his Washington protesting period. They lived close to NIST, and even after retirement, David visited, taught, reminisced and consulted there until very recently, still publishing learned papers.

David’s health and lifestyle was badly impaired by cancer episodes, and then tragically by the onset of Parkinson’s Disease in the last two years. His beloved travelling was curtailed, and he relied more and more on Maryanne, although his brain was still sharp enough to challenge and rail at fake news and cartoon-villain politicians, at home and in the UK.

Obviously his former classmates didn’t have a monopoly on claiming David as “one of us” - certainly, most of us don’t understand a single word written of his Rock Star status and achievements. He was, though, and remains, “one of us”, “a great bloke”, “a class act”, in many ways a misfit (such as being a British American, a rugby-pitch Professor, or indeed, a scientific Rock Star) but one who was always welcome, who always fitted in, who belonged among us.

Big Prize Club 6th Draw Results

The results of the 6th draw of 2020 were,

  • First Prize (£980 ) Alan Brand

  • Second Prize (£110 ) John Simmonds

  • Third Prize (£80) Andy Salmon

  • Fourth Prize (£30) Alan Gardner

(due to 8 participants leaving total has had to be reduced by £80)

OWCC Cricket Match raises over £500 for the CLIC Sarjent Charity

Match organiser Tim Richards with Sachin Shah and his dad Manoj,

The OWCC Sunday Campions Team consisted of Tim, Max Jacobs, Jon Ankiewicz, Hiren Doshi, Jay Doshi, Laurence Ghafur, Joe Bell, Anthony French, Andrew Wijayesinghe, Adrian Dawson, Liam Hearty and Kennedy Warwick (many of whom can be seen above)

The cricket match between the OWCC Sunday Campions and a Wallington School pupils and staff XI raised over £500 for the CLIC Sarjent charity which fights to stop cancer destroying young lives, like that of Old Wimbledonian Sachin Shah who is undergoing treatment for osteosarcoma .

By all accounts it was an excellent game of cricket and it was good to see so many of Sachin's friends and OW club mates down at the clubhouse supporting this great cause.

Organiser Tim Richards said "It was a good day and an emotional one for all concerned particularly after Sachi's speech and words of thanks. "

Thanks to all of you who have already given so generously, the Just Giving page is still live and accepting donations if you've not had a chance to donate yet.

Project "Doing a Bit": Preparing and delivering ready meals for NHS Staff, Community Carers and the vulnerable.

The OWA committee working with resident chef Richard Brown have organised a project called Doing a Bit to help provide meals for

  • Doctors, Nurses and Staff on the Night Shift on the Covid 19 Wards at Epsom Hospital. They are currently staying in a hotel where there are no self-catering facilities, and they really need a supplier of nutritional hot meals while they are doing their 12-hour shifts.

  • Cairn House In Kingston, which is a 24 hour supported accommodation project which aims to provide a safe environment for adults with multiple support needs to enable them to move towards independence.

A food preparation facility has been set up at the OWA to prepare ready meals. We also have a commitment from a neighbourhood group from Kingston, The Revellers, who have a rota in place for the next 2 weeks to make cakes and cookies, in addition to the meals we are sending out.

The project has been fortunate to get assistance from the Save The Food Club which has been very busy collecting surplus food from Aldi and Tesco to use as ingredients in the meals as well as The Dons Local Action Group who have set up donating stations outside major supermarkets in Merton and Kingston who are also supplying ingredients for the meals.

In addition the OWA's regular suppliers, CF & MF Steer and Hill Park Express, both in Surbiton, have been fantastic in their support for this endeavour.

The project has already expanded to deliver meals to St George's Hospital in Tooting and St Helier Hospital in Sutton - the staff are all working long shifts and these meals may be the only hot food they have all day.

We are committed to be in place for the next 4 weeks (over 4000 meals based on current forecasts), but we will take on new requests and we will stay open as long as there is a need.

In addition to the amazing help above, we have also received donations from Donhead School and the Friends of Donhead and a justgiving page has been set up - please give generously to this not for profit project to enable us to keep providing meals to those on the front line.

You can also help out by signing up to bake cakes and cookies.

Project Doing a Bit Updates

If you can help with Doing a bit:

Please phone Greg on 07971 165990 or drop him an email.

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Saturday 18 April

We started on the 6th April and we made and delivered 72 ready-made meals.

Yesterday we opened another satellite operation, which works in tandem with the OWA hub, and we made and delivered 300 ready-made meals.

So proud of the team.

Thursday 16 April

100 vegetable curries and rice donated by staff at Zaika Essence of India Restaurant in Teddington High Street.

Wednesday 15 April

Calling all home bakers

Could you bake cakes, cookies or flapjacks and deliver them to the OWA clubhouse?

If so, please sign up to bake on the Doing a bit of baking.... page. Don't worry, you don't need to open an account - just put your name down against a date and include an email address so we can send you a reminder the day before!

Each slot is a commitment to bake a batch, ideally of 24 portions. So if you see that there are two cupcake slots available, that means we are hoping to have 48 cupcakes in total donated on that day.

Tuesday 14 April

More local businesses getting involved with Doing a bit:

  • A cornucopia of Lamb Biriyani has been provided by the Princess of India in Morden

  • Stefano and Naoko of Vallebona in Wimbledon have created 78 meals today for the project

Saturday 11 April

Thank you to the OWA Punters Club whose generous donation takes us to 70% of our justgiving target.

Wednesday 8 April

This fantastic initiative has already delivered nearly 200 meals along with cakes in it's first few days of operation:

  • 72 meals delivered to Cairn House in Kingston

  • 30 meals delivered to the Epsom Hospitals Intensive Care Unit

  • 30 meals delivered to St Helier's Hopsital in Sutton

  • 60 meals delivered to St George's Hospital in Tooting

We have received very generous donations of £300 from Donhead School and the Friends of Donhead, and we always need more help to carry on this great work, please visit our justgiving page to donate and please phone Greg on 07971 165990 if you can provide ingredients or microwaveable containers (these can be dropped off at the clubhouse most days from 3-5 pm) or any other support for this initiative.

OWA Supporting Merton and Kingston with the Dons Local Action Group

The Dons Local Action Group has been set up by AFC Wimbledon fans working closely with the AFC Wimbledon Foundation to help individuals and families across Merton during the current health crisis.

They need volunteers for Food Collection points in Merton and Kingston Boroughs as well as drivers and people to work at the Kingsmeadow food hub. People are being asked to do 3 hour slots.

If you can help then please contact the OWA Committee's Dave Doran on 07866 628198.

You can donate online to the Dons Local Action Group on their justgiving page.

Look out for each other & share these details with friends, family, neighbours & online communities.

If you need help from the Dons Local Action Group:

Call 020 3301 4511 or email


Simon Potter releases "Losing it all" - all proceeds to the Jesuit Referee Service

Cover designed by Wimbledon College Head of Art Nick England. Note the building on it!

Some older Old Wimbledonian's may recall reading The Fate of Glassingall nearly 30 years ago – a comic novel full of the sort of stories which the author used to tell his English classes. Losing It All is a modernised, updated, illustrated version of the old novel – just right for an escapist read in lock-down!


London boy, Anthony, spends the summer holidays of the 1960s at Glenturret, his grandfather’s fascinating haunted Scottish country house. When it becomes a boarding school, Anthony goes into its Sixth Form, and eventually teaches there until a horrifying mystery closes it. With his inheritance after Grandpa’s death, he buys the house, but the dark force has not gone…..

“Whisks the reader effortlessly from a sunny ‘60s boyhood to the present day.” The Hill

“This sort of book is one of the better ways of recording recent history.” BBC World Service

“I was maimed by excessive laughing. Tears blotted out the text.” A. Brook

“Hilarious and touching.” The Month

“Full of such funny stories.” R. Dickens

Available online from Amazon (£4.99 Paperback, £2.99 Kindle) and from Witley Press bookshop.

The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international Catholic organisation, at work in over 50 countries around the world with a mission to accompany, serve and advocate for the rights of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons.

JRS UK has a special ministry to those who find themselves destitute as a consequence of government policies and those detained for the administration of immigration procedures.

Sinnott Society Spring Meeting

Postponed to November due to COVID-19

Please note that the next Old Wimbledonian Sinnott Society meeting due to be on the evening of 14th May 2020 at Wimbledon College is now postponed until November.

Full details nearer the time.

The speaker is to be the film director Peter Fudakowski.

Peter Fudakowski is a London-based film producer, writer and director. He studied Economics at Magdalene College, Cambridge (where he was President of the Cambridge Union Society in Michaelmas Term 1976).

He graduated with a master's degree and later read for an MBA at the business school INSEAD, France.

In 1979 he joined the First National Bank of Chicago, where he worked in the film financing department. In 1982 Fudakowski left to set up his own production company with his wife, Henrietta Williams, as script editor and head of development. Their company, Premiere Productions Ltd, marked its 20th year in the film business with the production of Tsotsi, which won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2006.

Following this Fudakowski and Williams developed film projects, including The Secret Sharer and Corams Children. Fudakowski directed Secret Sharer, shot on location in Thailand and China, which was released in the UK in June 2014.

In November 2014 Fudakowski was awarded the Wings Award by the Polish Film Festival in America.


The charge for the buffet and drinks is £10. (No charge to College or Ursuline staff or pupils).

Check the Events & Bookings page for past and future events

Join the OWA

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3 minute film of the grounds circa 1929 . Clubhouse is where the chairs are. Click on image below to see on Pathe site.

Big Prize Club 5th Draw Results

The results of the 5th draw of 2020 were,

  • First Prize (£980 ) Paddy Weston

  • Second Prize (£110 ) Eddie Bell

  • Third Prize (£80) OWCC

  • Fourth Prize (£30) Becky Dowds

(due to 8 participants leaving total has had to be reduced by £80)

Remembrance Page Now Available

Check out the Remembrance Page which remembers those from the College who died in the First and Second World Wars.

We have also updated the Notable Alumni page

If you have any questions or would like to provide a referral to us in advance, don’t hesitate to get in contact:

Friends of the OWA now available

This is a register of local businesses, trades & professional services who offer discounts and reduced rates to OWA members.

If you browse through it you may spot some shops, restaurants, etc that you and your family use on a regular basis during the course of a year.

All businesses on the register offer discounts and preferred rates to OWA members and at present we have over thirty offerings such as:

Click here to see full details on all the great Friends of the OWA offers.

Old Wimbledonians Cricket Fixtures, Results and Tables

Old Wimbledonians Rugby Fixtures, Results and Tables

RFU Announces Final League Standings For Community Game

Following the early end of the rugby season in England as a result of COVID-19, The Rugby Football Union has announced the final league positions.

Proposals from the RFU governance committee to conclude the season for those leagues at both professional and community level were ratified by the RFU Council on April 3rd.

It was agreed that final standings for the Greene King IPA Championship and men’s and women’s community game would be calculated on a best playing record formula maintaining promotion and relegation for those leagues.

Old Wimbledonians Football Fixtures, Results and Tables


Surrey South Eastern Combination Season Terminated due to COVID-19

The SSEC has terminated the 2019-2020 season due to the FA's suspension of all football.

All League Cups were declared null and void and final league standings were decided on a points per game system.


Leatherhead & District Sunday League Season Terminated due to COVID-19

The LDSFL has terminated the 2019-2020 season due to the FA's suspension of all football.

All competitions both league and cup have been declared null and void but the League will use performance over the season into account when formulating the league constitution for next season.

Sunday Veterans

Farnham & District Sunday League Season Terminated due to COVID-19

The FDSFL has terminated the 2019-2020 season due to the FA's suspension of all football.

All competitions both league and cup have been declared null and void but the League will use performance over the season into account when formulating the league constitution for next season.

OWA Notice Board

The October Don is here

The October 2019 edition of the The Don, the monthly newsletter for the Old Wimbledonian, Wimbledon College and Donhead community is now available.

Here are just some of the features available in another packed edition which can be found on The Don page:

A review of the Crooked Billet

An unimpressive roast dinner

View from the Top - Ben Ryan

I got huge satisfaction out of seeing people bloom

The Don’s Don - Graham Turner

It still brings a lump to my throat to this day

A New Season and a new captain

A new era for the OWRFC

Old Boy Greg Barnett (1963 - 1970) releases first solo album at 68


Gold Coast, Australia

Greg Barnett is an Old Boy from 1963-70, who after a career in IT, retired to Australia, and is enjoying being creative at last.

He describes himself as a 'competent but non-professional musician' and already has two co-written albums to his name: Not All It Seems (2002) and Prescient (2015).

The all-new The Flat White Album is his debut singer-songwriter album and was officially released January 1, 2020. It is digital-only - no physical media are available as it is the equivalent of three LPs. Triple albums have always been an extremely rare event in music, even more so for any solo debut, due to recording time, marketing difficulties and manufacturing expense. But it is available totally free on Spotify and his own website. Please consider giving the first couple of tracks a listen … you may like it … it’s relatively gentle and melodic.

Greg says that ‘creating this album has been the culmination of musical endeavour over a long life. The goal was simply for me to scratch a musical itch, meet a challenge and, hopefully, for other people to hear and enjoy’.

All the music was written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered at home. He used a laptop to produce a complete package containing the music, website content, logos, sheet music, the ‘making of’ story, ‘karaoke’ versions, and the first few of many music videos.

Conceptually influenced by The Beatles’ White Album, it also has an acoustic approach, 30 tracks, new and old unreleased material, and simple white artwork. The addition of the word ‘Flat’ in the album title refers to his preferred coffee rather than to the singing! Greg’s musical influences include ELO, James Taylor, Leonard Cohen and many others from the 60’s and 70’s. Styles range from unadorned voice/guitar to orchestral.

The Flat White Album can be Googled.

The main direct links are:

Simon Potter’s award-winning poetry has been published in eight anthologies. It draws on the same startling imagination that surprises in his fiction, has mastery of form, from blank verse and sonnet to vers libre and haiku, and exhibits his usual control over word choice and imagery.

Dark Lines” is an extraordinary collection with themes as varied as demonic possession, abuse, OCD, punishment, adoration, compulsion, childhood whimsy, hauntings, ecology and black humour - what might be expected from the inchoate landscape of the worlds of dream and nightmare.

Available from Witley Press Bookshop and Amazon (£10 paperback, £5 Kindle).

Sacred Heart Church Restoration Fund: Simon Potter has new book of poetry out and was able to donate £1000 from sales of Shooting Europe.

You may recall that back earlier in the year, you very kindly popped an advert for a novel of mine "Shooting Europe" on the OWA site, in case some OWs might be interested. The idea was that a percentage of sales from all sources would go towards the Sacred Heart Restoration Fund which is sore need of money. Thanks to buyers of the novel, I was able to give the Fund £1000 in the Spring.

Although I know that many OWs might shriek with utter horror at the thought of reading poetry (although not, I hope, those who had me for English over the years since 1972!) but I have a poetry collection out in September called "DARK LINES" - poems from the darkness of dream and nightmare.

Also of some interest is the fact that its very scary cover was designed for the publisher by Nick England, Head of the College Art Dept.

I plan to give the Restoration Fund another dollop of cash from sales of this work.

"Shooting Europe" is, incidentally, available via Amazon as a paperback or Kindle, if any of the chaps fancy a solid satirical thriller. Details of both books can be seen on


For information about the need for serious maintenance work on the church, why they have had to make this appeal and for more details please see the Parish Appeal webpage

OWA Big Prize Club


Due to unforeseen circumstances there were only 3 draws last year in 2019. Therefore there will 9 draws this year.

The results of the 1st draw (January) of 2020 (there will be 9 draws this year) were, (due to 8 participants leaving total has had to be reduced by £80):

  • First Prize (£980) Des Nangle

  • Second Prize (£110) Richard Travers

  • Third Prize (£80) Jim Begley

  • Fourth Prize (£30) Des Hawkin

The OW Big Prize Club, a registered lottery, has six annual draws. The first prize in each draw is £1000 and there are three lesser prizes.

50% of BPC subscriptions is distributed as prizes and the remaining 50% supports the facilities for the OWs, the cricket colts and the rugby warriors.

Total prizes distributed in 2018 were c. £ 7600. Annual prize money increases with increased numbers of subscribers (the annual number of draws has recently been increased from 5 to 6 per year).

New subscribers are very welcome. Anyone can join and you can have as many "tickets" as you wish for yourself, your children or grandchildren. The BPC subscription is £10 pcm.

If you would like others to join the BPC please email

A big thank you to all that give their support via the BPC and good luck in future draws.

Best Regards.

Dave Doran

Big Prize Club Admin

Teddy Totman (1952-59) awarded Knighthood of St Gregory

The Old Wimbledonians Association would like to congratulate Teddy Totman (1952-59) on his recent prestigious award from Pope Francis of the Knighthood of St.Gregory. This is a well deserved recognition of many years service and time generously given to the Catholic community of Epsom.

I can proudly confirm that Teddy has received the Knighthood of St Gregory which had been awarded to him by Pope Francis in recognition of the many contributions that Teddy has made to the church over the years – to the parish, the Diocese (of which he is trustee), plus his involvement with marriage preparation and Teams of Our Lady. The award was presented to Teddy by Bishop Richard, who visited our parish especially for this occasion. Celebration of Mass and liturgy was very special, particularly with so many of Teddy’s immediate and extended family and friends.

St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Epsom

The Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great was established on 1 September 1831, by Pope Gregory XVI, seven months after his election to that seat by the College of Cardinals.

The Order of St. Gregory the Great is one of the five Orders of Knighthood of the Holy See. The honour is bestowed upon Roman Catholic men and women (and sometimes in rare cases to non-Catholics) in recognition of their personal service to the Holy See and to the Roman Catholic Church, through their unusual labours, their support of the Holy See, and their excellent examples set forth in their communities and their countries.

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