Student Membership

Free until you are 25

The Old Wimbledonians Association Student Membership

The Old Wimbledonians Association exists to provide charitable, social and sporting facilities for former pupils, staff and friends of Wimbledon College and Donhead.

The Association is represented in its most active form by a number of sports clubs and societies.

Across Cricket, Football and Rugby, the Association is represented by some 20 teams throughout the year, catering for all ages and abilities. From Colts to Veterans the sporting activities of the Association provide a continuous thread ensuring an unbroken link with the College and Donhead.

The Lourdes Hospitalité sees the Association at its most active in the field of charitable work, whilst the Sinnott Society draws together the OW business and professional communities.

The Scholarship Fund ensures that the Association is active in its financial support of college students, and of course the clubhouse bar ensures a steady flow of funds into the coffers.

The Association also acts as a channel through which “Old Boys” of whatever vintage can stay in contact with each other and also maintain links with the school.

Links with the College are strong and the Association is committed to supporting its work in whatever ways it can.

The OWA and You

Now that you are officially an Old Wimbledonian, the OWA would like to welcome you to our ranks.

Many of you already know the Sports Clubhouse, which is open every evening and is often used as a meeting point or a stopping-off point on the way somewhere else.

The sports clubs are all very welcoming and constantly on the lookout for new members.

The good news is that until you are 25, membership is completely free.

To join, please complete the online form below