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National School Junior Sevens 2016 Champions

Wimbledon College

Winning Seven

Nathan Jibulu, Archie Brosch, John Currie, Cassius Cleaves, Lucca Buttacci, Jaden Equaibur and Sonny Nicoll

The U13's have now come away with the spoils in both of the prestigious tournaments they have entered so far this season. After winning the St. John's Beaumont Sevens before half term, they were also successful at the Warwick sevens on Saturday February 27th 2016.


College 1973/4

No shortage of hair here!

Names please

Thanks to Steve Reynolds (front row 4th from right) for this


College Boxing Club 1960

Row 1: ?,Giles Downs,??,Ricky Hamilton (holding cup - Captain of Junior Boxing),Pete Helms,???

Row 2: Mick Adams,????????,Bob Hecquet

Row 3: Gordon Ruffell,?,Laurence Reynolds?, Tim Lumb, Bill Elland,Robert Welch,Michael Garnish, Michael Norris

Row 4: Paul Layet,????Peter Milner, Pete Bowman,Charlie O'Connor,Chris Cooksey

Row 5: John Clements?Aidrian Stopforth?,David Laundy,Michael Gleeson,Joe Flynn,Jock O'Connor???

Row 6: John Barnes, Chris Hewson,Robson,Mick Berlet,Paddy Weston,Tony Palmer,Andy Shepherd,Mick Kelly

Help us add the missing names

3rd XV 1961-62

Rudiments 1 1960-61

U14s 1st XV 1961-62

Back: Joe Flynn, Paul Layet, Paul Lohr, Bob Hequet, ?, ?

Middle: Jim Varley, ?, Bob Downs, Charlie O'Connor, Greg Bratza, ? Pete Brown

Front: Harry Groenen, Paddy Weston

Redmond Mullin 7th May 1964

Taken by Gordon Ruffell from behind a desk lid during an English class

Putney High School Tennis 1964, Sue Ruffell 3rd from left.

Putney High School Tennis 1964, the whole squad


Ist XV 1951

1st XV 1951-1952

Thanks to Tim Carr for this photo, his father Peter (Bob) Carr, who is sadly no longer with us, can be seen third from right in the back row

Rhetoric 1953

Back: John Montfort, Caines, Roberts, Derek Shew, Paul Connor, Peter Brand, Tom 'Titus' Oates

Middle: Peter Jacques, Des Hawken, John Earl, John Brennan, Tony Coates

Front: Fred Rowntree, Philip Dray, Dennis Hill, Fr. Wetz, Jim Rowntree, Harry Vowles, Dickie Lynch

Thanks to Des Hawken for the Identifications

College U14 1956

Back: Gerald McPartlin, David "Spud" Murray, Derick Knight,Ted Totman. Roger Layet, ?

Front: McCarron Mike Miliffe, IaIn Taylor, Bob Hessey, John Byrne

Thanks to John Ambler and Robert Hessey for filling in some of the blanks

One blank to go (send info to here)

Thanks to Des Hawken for this picture

2nd XI 1959

Back:?,Roger Layet,?,?,?,Patrick J. Lynch

Front: ?,?,Derrick Knight,?,?

Thanks to Derrick Knight for this picture - follow his blog here

The year of 55 - a larger version has been requested

1955 Figures 2

For those with poor sight we think it says

Barnes, Rooney, Eggleston, Harris, Mahony, Stockbridge,McCarron, Wilson Bergin O'Doherty

Joyce, Ashby, Sanders, Scanlon, Hurley Dixon, Franklin, Flynn, Smith, Elland

Whelan, Gibson Woods, Canning, Ted Sammons, Lee, Branson, Hopfl, Heffernan

Linsey, Power, Taylor, Levitt?, de Beem?

Probably taken late 1950s whilst having a discrete smoke down by the Sacred Heart

Volleyball 1959

Bryan Snalune nearest the net right, Derrick Knight behind him

Thanks to Derrick Knight for this picture - follow his blog here

Pre 1950s

Boxing Club 1948

Thanks to Des Hawken for this picture

Back row: Anthony Morey, Peter(?) Monaghan, Fintan Creaven, Eddie Jones, John Morey, George McPartlin, Des Hawken, Anthony Heuvel, ? McInerney

Middle: ? Rosemeyer, Stephen Fleming, Tom Stinner, Nick Gahan, Mr Keegan (Coach, ex Olympic Boxer and John's father), Len Mackay (National Schoolboy Champion), ? Rosemeyer, Kevin Creaven, ? Connelly

Front: ?, Dwyer (I think), ?, Nixon

Des Hawken's recollections. Can anyone fill in the gaps?

1st XV 1943/44

Not as per photo but by position.

15. Taggart 14. Fries 13. McManus 12. Grosjean 11. Kelleher 10. Maeckleberghe 9. McQuade

8. Wardale 7. Nuttman 6. O’Neill 5. Hothersall 4. Fitzgerald 3. Travers 2. Cardozo 1. Elkington

1st XV 1942/3

Standing: C. Elkington (1), W. Maeckleberghe (10), J. Hothersall (4), A. Waters (6), A. Hogg (8), ? Fitzgerald (5), W. O’Neill (11), C O’Neill (9)

Seated: E. Travers (3), B. Taggart (12), D. Cardozo (2), C. Climpson (15), A. Kelleher (14), D. Nuttman (7), J. McManus (13)

Early 1st XV 1942

1st XV 1942-3

Signatures for the XV above

The College - 1929

Campion House Rugby c1926

First School Photograph, June 1893

Back Row: Fr. Sybrandt, Daniel French, Sidney Edwards, Patrick O'Hea Jack Elliot, William LLoyd, Vivian Davies,Joseph French, Fr. Nicholson

Second Row: Gilbert Fairlie, Thomas Lloyd, Francis Perceval, Victor Edwards

Seated: Edwarde Bagshaw, Ulick Burke, Edward Mivart, Thomas McNabb, Leo O'Hea

Front: Reginald Austin,Alan Perceval, Samuel Talman,Joseph Goldie, Andrew Newman, Charles French

Borrowed from Anthony Poole's excellent "A History of Wimbledon College"

1867 Engraving of Wimbledon School

Borrowed from Anthony Poole's excellent "A History of Wimbledon College"


OW Alan Waters' letter to John Austin explaining the following news item on the right in the Indianapolis News of December 1940

A letter from OW Alan Waters published in The Indianapolis News in 1940 which vividly describes the blitz and the RAF's response.