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On 11th February 1858 while collecting firewood from a grotto in the refuse area used by the inhabitants of a small village called Lourdes, an unknown girl claimed to have seen a ‘beautiful lady’. 

This girl was called Bernadette Soubirous and she continued to receive apparitions from this ‘beautiful lady’ who revealed herself as the ‘Immaculate Conception’ and gave a message to the world asking for a chapel to be built and for the faithful to come in procession to wash and drink at the spring. 

Each year some 5 million people from over 130 countries throughout the world respond to this call and come to visit Lourdes. Every pilgrim who returns home after a pilgrimage to Lourdes does so renewed, refreshed and in some way changed. 

Lourdes Pilgrimage 23 to 27 August 2024

 Dear Old Wimbledonian,

Last year was the Centenary of the College’s first working party to Lourdes to help sick and disabled pilgrims. To celebrate this important milestone, the Wimbledon College Hospitalité organised a pilgrimage to coincide with our 2023 working party. 

The pilgrimage was a great success; a number of Old Boys came, as well as families of boys currently at the College. The Centenary Newsletter (see below if on tablet or smartphone) gives a flavour of the happy event it was.

We are planning another pilgrimage this year, which will run from Friday 23 August to Tuesday 27 August, alongside this year’s working party. 

As last year, it will be led by Fr. Michael Holman SJ, whom a number of you will remember as a former Chaplain and Headmaster of the College. The pilgrimage is open to anyone with a connection to the College, and of course old boys of the College and their families are especially welcome. 

Accommodation will be in a comfortable 3-star hotel in close proximity to the Sanctuary. We will handle hotel bookings, while you will have the flexibility to make your own travel arrangements. We are still firming up on costs, but Indicative figures would be in the region of £500 per adult on a shared room basis, including full board and travel.

We do not require any money at this stage, but if you are interested in coming, or would like to find out more, please email us at wimbledonlourdes100@gmail.com

It would be very helpful if you could also indicate how many people you anticipate being in your party.

I do hope you can join us for what I’m sure you will find an enjoyable, rewarding and eye-opening experience.

Edmund Hills

President, Wimbledon College Hospitalité

Centenary News Letter

Wimbledon College Hosp Newsletter Jan 2024.pdf

College Hospitalité Centenary in 2023

Dear Old Wimbledonians,

As an old boy of a Catholic College founded in 1892, you are no doubt familiar with tradition. But there is one very important milestone coming up which you might not be aware of: next year, 2023, marks the centenary of the College's first working party to Lourdes. Attached is a brief history of our association with Lourdes over the past hundred years, which also explains something of our work at the shrine. 

Over this time, our College parties have introduced many hundreds of old boys and others to the unique experience of serving the sick and disabled in Lourdes. This has left a lasting impression on many of those who have come with us to Lourdes, including, no doubt, some of you. 

Edmund Hills,

President, Wimbledon College Lourdes Hospitalité

College Hospitalité History.pdf

March 2021 Newsletter

Wimbledon College Hosp Newsletter Mar 2021.pdf

February 2020 Newsletter

Wimbledon College Hosp Newsletter Feb 2020.pdf
Wimbledon College Hosp Newsletter Feb 2019.pdf
Lourdes Hospitalite Minutes 2019 AGM